You’ve never come to our party before and you wonder how our evenings are going? We will present you, in a few lines, the course of our evenings from your registration to your participation in one or more parties with us.

1 | Online registration

If it’s your first participation to a party, we will have to carry out a small verification of your request.

Indeed, we want to offer a secure place for our participants and guarantee our anonymity to people outside our fetish association. That’s why we want to control who comes to our parties.

Therefore, you will have to provide us a profile related to the fetish theme : This profile can be on Recon, GayRomeo or even Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t have an account on these social networks, we will contact you by e-mail or phone and would need a picture of you with the dresscode of the chosen evening.

We understand that this may seems restrictive compared to what is done in other places. However, we are an association and not a cruising club, which means that access is controlled.

For information, we carry out this check only once! All your other evening registrations will be systematically validated.

During the past events, some guys registered to a party and didn’t come to it without sending us a message. That’s not very fair. So, when you register to a party, be sure to be able to come or, if something happen to you, just send us a message.

2 | During the parties : some rules

You are ready to go to the address you will have received by e-mail when your registration has been validated! Well done !

Your arrival at SGF

When you come, you will be welcomed by a member of the committee, who will invite you to follow him and who will give you a lanyard. It will identify you throughout the evening and has a number. You will have to present it each time you order a drink at the bar. In addition, it is linked to a box or sleeve in which you can deposit your personal belongings such as keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc…

State of mind towards others and organizers

During the evening, you will be in contact with other participants. For that, we will ask you to be polite, respectful of others and of the place. As we announced on the home page of the website, our objective is to promote chats between each participant. But nothing prevents each other from having fun with each other.

Committee members work voluntarily during events in order to offer you the best experience as possible. They are not here to play with you. If you want to have fun with one of them, that would be possible outside the parties.

Narcotics, health prevention and alcohol

Then, we do not tolerate the consumption of narcotics inside or outside the association, in any form whatsoever. We believe that, for this, your home may be more suitable for this practice.

We provide, free of charge, to all our participants, health information and prevention material, provided by our partner “Empreinte Fribourg”, active in health prevention. Do not hesitate to help yourself!

We are aware that when offering alcoholic beverages, some people may drink a little more than usual. We are counting on your responsibility to not find yourself in a state that would require emergency intervention. In addition, if a member of the committee refuses to serve you an alcoholic drink, we ask you to respect their decision. Otherwise, you will be cordially invited to leave the place.

When leaving

At the end of the evening, before leaving, you can collect your personal belongings and pay for your drinks (possibly your entrance tax if you are not a member). And yes, you pay everything when you leave! It’s much easier for everyone!

How to pay at SGF Club ?

You will have the possibility to pay in cash or Twint, in swiss francs.

Since April 1st, 2023, debit/credit cards are accepted! Note that the currency is Swiss Francs.

3 | Pictures taken during parties

As you can see on our website, we take pictures of the participants during each evening. This has become a routine and allows those who do not know us yet, to discover our evenings as if they were there.

We guarantee to blur all faces before posting the photos on social networks and on our website, unless you agree not to be hidden!

However, participants can’t take pictures inside SGF Club, except with the agreement of the organizers.